HGNA Committees


Core Value Alignment: Quality of Life:

Caring about the physical, social, and emotional well-being of this neighborhood and all of its residents by supporting and sustaining a deeply-ingrained culture of community involvement.

  • mid-winter social/business fair
  • Garden Guzzle
  • holiday house tour
  • neighborhood cleanups



Core Value Alignment: Collaboration and Communication

Using all available communication opportunities to promote relationships and create an informed and involved citizen base.

  • information flow
  • membership
  • social media interactions
  • business association



Community Support 

Core Value Alignment: Inclusion

Cultivating a friendly culture of community that welcomes and support people with diverse voices and viewpoints to shape and guide this neighborhood’s future.

  • financial oversight
  • charitable giving outreach
  • fundraising




Core Value Alignment: Neighborhood Integrity

Preserving and enhancing its historic and architectural character while promoting new development that complements the old.

  • new development projects
  • traffic and parking
  • redevelopment/infill



Neighborhood Enhancement

Core Value Alignment: Environment

Championing all elements of environmental stewardship across the boundaries of this neighborhood.

  • beautification
  • public art initiative
  • streetscapes
  • greenspaces
  • pup stations